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Repeat: Mock OSCE Quiz. Closed for registration

Repeat: Mock OSCE Quiz. Closed for registration


*** Please note that this session is a repeat of the OSCE session from Feb. This is open to all residents. 

This mock exam will consist of 8 stations in a standard OSCE format.  This year, the mock exam will be virtual in a self-study format. The exam will be timed and participants will have 10 mins. per station and only one attempt at the exam (re-starts are not possible) Please plan accordingly. The exam will close on JUNE 4th.  You may start your exam at any point before June.

We recommend, due to the login procedures, not to leave this to the last minute.

Answers will be provided automatically at the end of the exam. Electronic copies of the exams and answers will not be provided. 

Should you have any questions or require technical support, please email Technical support questions will be answered during standard business hours EST. 

All participants will be provided a login prior to Feb 20th in order to access our learning platform. 

Note: The material provided in this mock exam is copywritten and therefore taking screenshots or sharing the images of this exam is prohibited.