Department of Radiology

Radiology Review: Hotseat Cases, Live and Virtual-Tuesday Session

Hotseat Description

Hotseat Sessions Available Monday through Wednesday evenings. (Disponible en français lundi soir.)

$150 + tax (CDN)

These sessions will allow small groups to take cases in a virtual format in a rapid-fire format in order to prepare for the types of cases frequently encountered on the OSCE portion of the RCPSC Diagnostic Radiology Exam. All sessions will present a standard set of cases covering all areas of radiology that can be expected on the Royal College OSCE exam. Each session session is the same so interested parties should sign up for only ONE. Copies of the cases will not be provided after the session.

A number of observer seats are available! Observers will attend the session however WILL NOT take any cases.

Observer seats are a great option for those who may not feel comfortable taking cases at this time, are interested in gaining a better understanding of the hotseat format, or would like to expand their knowledge by viewing additional cases.

Section heads for the Hotseats: Dr. Andrew Scott-Moncrieff & Dr. Raman Verma

Recording of sessions or screenshots is prohibited 

No changes or refunds are possible.