Department of Radiology

2014-005- Breast Imaging CME - 2014 Breast Imaging Update


Under the direction of Drs. Jean Seely and Geoff Doherty, this 2 1/2 day course will incorporate a series of lectures by internationally recognized faculty as well as case-based learning sessions.

Course Highlights:
-Up-to-date breast ultrasound
-Breast interventions in 2014
-Breast tomosynthesis
-Up-to-date indications for breast MRI
-Multidisciplinary case-based panel for treatment of breast cancer
-The new BiRADS lexicon
-Update debate on screening mammography
-Screening breast MRI

This course will be a full-day on Friday October 17, half day in the afternoon on Sat. Oct. 18th and half day in the morning on Sunday, Oct 19th. We encourage everyone to consider attending our Case-Based and Multidisciplinary GI and GU Radiology CME being held the morning of Sat October 18th, the afternoon of Sunday, October 19th and all day Monday Oct 20th.

Those who sign up for both courses will receive a $100 discount ($50/course).