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Oncology Imaging in the Azores July 9-11,  2020

Oncology Imaging in the Azores July 9-11, 2020

Sandra's (Event Planner) Travel Photos

Hi, this is Sandra. I am the event planner for this conference. Back in 2018, I traveled to the Azores to check out the destination for this conference. It is a beautiful and affordable place to visit. I flew from Ottawa to Toronto and then direct to San Miguel Island. They also have direct flights from Boston, MA and other locations via Sata Airlines.

If you came on any of our previous trips to Iceland, you will notice that on the Azores, there is also geothermal activity. In fact, there are 3 geothermal powerplants on the island.  The Azores, however distinguish themselves by the lush vegetation. Hydrangeas are my favorite plant and I had no idea before visiting that this is what the Islands are known for. They grow wild and are everywhere! They are a wide variety of colours from white to bright purple depending on the iron levels in the soil.

The Island has wonderful things to see and do: Hiking, swimming in the ocean, beaches,  exploring the historic downtown area, golfing, biking, swimming with the dolphins, whale watching, and so much more. The day trips or half day trips are great and you can stop and see beautiful vistas in this mountainous island. I had the opportunity to visit a tea plantation, a Portuguese tile making factory and even a pineapple plantation. Visiting Sete Cidades (crater lakes) is a must see. I don't have a great camera and the days I were there were partly overcast, but these are some of my pictures.

View from my hotel room at the Hotel Azor. Like in Iceland, you have to leave your key card in the door to make the electricity work (very green!):


View of downtown and Sete Cidades crater lakes



Watching the world cup soccer in a square in Ponta Delgada

Restaurant A Terra Chef. As an side note: I loved their steak knives so much, I bought two of them!


The hotel is attached to a casino (separated through a hallway and door so you don't hear anything) . I didn't venture in there, but it's there. The hotel has a really unique lobby:


This was the "back view" of the hotel. Not too shabby!




 And finally, my hands-down most favourite part of the hotel was the rooftop pool,  bar/restaurant  and terrace:


Hope to see you at the course!